23 August 2016


You gave me reason to smile
You gave me reason to hope
You gave me so much, my love
I can never ask for more.

I wish you can see
My love is a large sea
I wish you can kiss
And hold me tight
All through the night

Darling, in my heart,
You're my only one,
I want you with me always
Till our day are done.

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22 August 2016


jika tak dapat nak tepati janji, jangan buat janji
jika kata nak pulangkan, pulangkan lah
jika kata nak ganti, maka ganti lah.
pandai cakap, tapi tak buat-buat
pandai buat,.. malas nak cakap

terus buat berfikiran positif, terus mengaku diri tu mangsa

sesungguhnya Allah s.w.t Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Melihat dengan setiap perbuatan kamu yang hina lagi terkutuk.

Bercinta berlandaskan nafsu semata-mata

Kau boleh kata cinta kau sejati
Kau boleh kata cinta kau suci

16 August 2016

Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days

Of the good and evil in the world
there are many complications behind them
which are hard to understand

Which is why we should never only focus on the surface
and judge others without understanding them first

Those who like to pay the bill,
do so not because they are loaded
but because they value friendship over money

Those who take initiative at work,
do so not because the are stupid
but because they understand the concept of responsibility

Those who are willing to help you,
do so not because they owe you anything
but because they see you as a true friend

Those who often text you,
do so not because they have nothing better to do
but because you are in their heart

One day, all of us will get separated from each other;
we will miss our conversations of everything and nothing;
the dreams that we had

Days will pass by, months, years
until this contact becomes rare

One day our children will see out pictures and ask "Who are these people?"
and we will smile with invisible tears and you will say:
"It was them that I had the best days of my life with"

-: bestthing.co

15 August 2016

pikir sebelum bertindak

agak menghantui diri dengan lagu-lagu yang kau pernah nyanyi depan aku
sebab boleh buat diri sendiri perasan yang lagu tu ada kaitan

agak menghantui diri dengan pengalaman yang sudah dilalui, membuatkan diri lebih berhati-hati untuk masa hadapan

dalam keadaan tenang dan bahagia

p/s: siapa la dari Seongnam,korea tu ya?

28 July 2016

Kucing lagi mengerti

Bila manusia tak senang duduk

Bila manusia berprasangka

Bila manusia tak boleh melihat kebahagiaan orang lain

Bila manusia gelojoh dengan harta

Bila manusia tak hormat masa orang lain

Sampai bila?

Dunia bukan tempat mainan

Kau dengan kesalahan orang lain

Kau dengan dunia kau

15 July 2016

Good character

Good character is the second quality. It is an important requisite in the search for emptying the heart” and in the pursuit of favorable surroundings for religion. For if she is vicious, ill-tongued, ill-mannered, and ungrateful, more harm than good will come from her. 

Toleration of a woman's tongue would try the saints. An Arab said, 

Do not marry one of the following six types of women: 
an 'annanah [hypochondriac]
a mannanah [up­braider]
a hannanah [yearner]
a hiddaqah [coveter]
a barraqah (narcissist]
a shaddaqah [prattler]

The 'annanah is one who excessively moans, complains, and [always] wraps her head.
Marrying a constantly ill [woman] or one who feigns illness is of no avail. 

The mannanah is one who is constantly needling her husband by saying, “I did such and such for you.” 

The hannanah is one who yearns after a previous husband or after her offspring from some other husband. This, too, is among the things to be avoided. 

The hiddaqah is one who looks at everything, covets it, and forces her husband to buy it. 

The barraqah can be one of two: 
(a) one who spends the whole day fixing her face or making it up and beautifying it in order to give it a lustre, 
(b) one who becomes angry at mealtime, thus eating only by herself and singling out her share from everything. A Yemeni expression which is appropriately used for a woman, or a child, who is not satisfied with the food given to her [or him], is Baraqat al-mar 'atu wa baraqa'l-sabiyyu al-ta'ama, that is, to become angry at meal­time. 

Al-shaddaqah is one who prattles a great deal; in this con­text the Prophet* said, “Almighty God detests the loudmouthed prattler. “

27 June 2016

I'm not allowed to be tired?

banyak kali sudah bagi tahu, tetap dengan perasaan suka assume. orang penat, nak rehat. busy dengan kerja. kata nak bagi space, bagi ke tu namanya? tertidur lepas maghrib, sedar pukul 10 dapat message entah apa-apa.

malas dah lah nak layan dengan perangai macam tu. dengar jela cakap kawan-kawan baik awak tu.


30 May 2016


Mengapakah kita selalu berjauh hati
Selalu sendiri dan terasa hati
Apakah kita tak sehaluan lagi
Berat bagi ku
Berat bagi ku

Melepaskan mu bukan mudah bagi ku untuk melalui semua ini
Pabila kenangan kita mengusik jiwa dan hati
Kala malam tidur ku tak lena mengenangkan mu

Apakah salah ku
Kau buat ku begini
Selalu sendiri
Tinggal sendiri
Cinta yang ku pinta
Kau balas dengan dusta
Berat bagi ku

Melepaskan mu bukan mudah bagi ku untuk melalui semua ini
Pabila kenangan kita mengusik jiwa dan hati
Kala malam tidur ku tak lena mengenangkan mu

Ku cuba pertahankan
Separuh jiwa ku hilang ikut terbang bersamamu
Episod cinta hitam ku kini berulang kembali
Berulang kembali menguasai diri ku ini

Oh Tuhan
Ku mahu yang terbaik
Terbaik buat ku
Insan kerdil ini

Oh Tuhan
Noktahkan kehilangan ini
Munculkan dia
Dia terakhir buat ku

26 May 2016

Di saat ingin melepaskan seseorang
Ingatlah di saat kita ingin mendapatkan dia dahulu

Di saat kita tidak merindukan dia
Ingatlah saat pertama kali kita melafazkan kita cinta kepada dia

Di saat kita mula bosan dengan dia
Ingatlah saat-saat indah bersama dia